Using a telegraph order you can send money expediently in extraordinary situations or in an emergency.

Complete a telegraph order form at any post office and give the money to the teller. When placing a telegraph order, you can request that the payment be accompanied by a message provided in the relevant form (LXx). We will take care of the rest. Croatian Post will normally deliver your telegraph order on the same day and you will be told exactly when it will be delivered at the time of posting it. If the postman does not find the payee at home, he will leave a notice indicating the post office where the money can be collected and the time limit.
Telegraph orders are not delivered:
  • on Sundays;
  • on holidays; and
  • at any time the post office is closed.
The maximum amount you can send using a telegraph order is HRK 20,000. 

Time limits

The time limits for transferring and delivering telegraph order do not apply to telegraph order addressed to payees in the relevant post office’s greater delivery zone. These telegraph orders are delivered as part of standard postal delivery.

The times allowed for transferring and delivering postal orders and telegraph orders are exclusive of:

  • the time the post office is closed;
  • the time no delivery of telegraph orders is arranged;
  • the time of delay as a result of indicating an incorrect and incomplete address;
  • the time of delay resulting from force majeure or technical interference occurring through no fault of Croatian Post.


The commission payable for placing a telegraph order comprises a cash remittance fee plus telegram fee based on the number of words and special services.