The most beautiful postage stamp of the Republic of Croatia in 2022

The most beautiful postage stamp of the Republic of Croatia in 2022

The arch with the impressive Pelješac Bridge took first place in this year's selection for Croatia's most beautiful postage stamp in 2022.

Stamp enthusiasts from Croatia and around the world have decided in the selection for the most beautiful edition of Croatian postage stamps in 2022 to give the highest number of votes to the commemorative postage stamp featuring the new architectural masterpiece in Croatia - the Pelješac Bridge. The stamp was released into circulation on the day of the bridge's grand opening, July 26, 2022, and its author is Dean Roksandić, a designer from Zagreb, based on a photograph taken by Dubrovnik photographer Mario Babarović. In second place were the commemorative postage stamps from the "Europe" series on the common theme of stories and myths. The motif of the Croatian stamps is the mythical World Tree from the ancient Croatian myth about the structure of the universe, and the author of the stamps is Zdenko Bašić, a multimedia artist, author, and illustrator from Zagreb. The third place went to the commemorative postal block featuring the impressive formation flight of the aerobatic group "Wings of Storm." The author of the commemorative block is Orsat Franković, a designer from Zagreb, and the photograph was taken by Captain Darko Belančić, the leader of the Wings of Storm aerobatic group.

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Croatian Post has been conducting the selection for the most beautiful Croatian postage stamp for the past 26 years, and this year's selection, which determined the most beautiful edition of 2022, took place from March 20 to April 28. Voters were able to cast their votes by mail - sending in voting ballots - or online on the website. For voters who voted by mail and participated in the prize draw "Choose the Most Beautiful Stamp - Win a Valuable Prize!", a total of 10 interesting prizes were awarded, and the lucky winners were drawn on May 11, 2023.

1. prize: Stamp collection from 2022, stamp collection from 2021, stamp collection from 2020, stamp collection from 2019, and stamp collection from 2018. The prize value is 227.75 euros: Marina Ulaković, Varoš Bosiljevski 16B, 47251 Bosiljevo.
2.prize: Stamp collection from 2022. The prize value is 41.01 euros: Borna Vidaković, Biljska cesta 48, 31000 Osijek.
3. prize: Stamp collection from 2021. The prize value is 39.68 euros: Milan Sanković, Kompator, Kompatorska 3, 44316 Velika Ludina.
4. prize: Croatian postage stamp yearbook from 2002. The prize value is 39.82 euros: Nada Kovačević, Mosorska 26, 31000 Osijek.
5. prize: Croatian postage stamp yearbook from 2001. The prize value is 39.82 euros: Ljudevit Rosenberg, S. Radića 74, 35209 Bukovlje.
6. prize: Commemorative album "25 years of introducing the kuna." The prize value is 13.14 euros: Dubravko Bartulac, Kralja Tomislava 324, 31222 Bizovac.
7. prize: Commemorative album "Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union." The prize value is 31.72 euros: Blaženka Mustač, Glavna 30A, 40326 Sveta Marija.
8. prize: Philatelic album for Leuchtturm stamps. The prize value is 9.95 euros: Marijana Vrdoljak, Agnes-Miegel-Weg 15, 67067 Ludwigshafen, Germany.
9. prize: Mark Day - Croatian Post Cryptostamp, Cryptostamp 2, Cryptostamp "Rimac Nevera," Cryptostamp "Nikola Tesla." The prize value is 26.54 euros: Dario Kos Tušek, Š. Breščenskog 10/2, 10000 Zagreb.
10. prize: Philatelic handbook "Discovering Postage Stamps." The prize value is 1.06 euros: Paula Podrug, Karamanova 8/2, 21000 Split.