We Deliver Microcomputers to Primary School Students


Croatian Post is a partner to the ProMikro project

Zagreb, 2 October 2017 – Croatian Post is a partner to the ProMikro project and donates its service of delivering microcomputers to Croatian primary school students. 2239 teachers at 746 schools have already received microcomputers to be used for basic workshops and training of the registered teachers of mathematics, science, engineering, but also music and sports.
The teachers will be trained by 26 ambassadors of the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM) and the cost of such training will be covered by a donation from the Croatian Employers’ Association. Participation in the program is voluntary and it should be noted that as many as 83% of all primary schools in Croatia applied.
ProMikro is a joint project of the Ministry of Science and Education, IRIM and the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) and aims to introduce digital literacy in different classes and extracurricular activities by using microcomputers.
After these training courses are completed, Croatian Post will donate the delivery of 45,000 microcomputers to be used by primary school students in daily classes, which they will be allowed to take them home as well.
Croatian Post’s participation in the ProMikro project is consistent with the Post2022 Strategy because socially responsible business and digitalization are, in addition to innovation and the rate of adapting to the digital world, not only an objective, but also the strategic framework for Post’s business.