What is our business?

The range of various services provided by Croatian Post is constantly widened by new, innovative services.

Bearing in mind its mission - serving citizens - and vision - an innovative company tailored to workers and users, Croatian Post provides a wide range of numerous services to users and clients, private individuals and business entities. At the same time, the company's focus is on the further development of the user experience in accordance with changes in user behavior, their current and future needs and expectations.
In addition to its core business, which consists of providing a variety of postal - letter and parcel - services in domestic and international traffic, Croatian Post offers its users the possibility of conducting monetary transactions and numerous other financial services in post offices available throughout the Republic of Croatia, as well as the Bank in the Post service for business subjects. There is also a rich range of retail products adapted to the needs of users in post offices, as well as the possibility of contracting insurance policies in cooperation with our partner Croatia osiguranje or offering services for HZMO.
The range of services offered by the Croatian Post is truly wide - from traditional telegram services to technologically latest digital services such as ePošta and ePreporuka or its own online store Žuti klik and ePostShop, paying for goods and services with the KEKS Pay and AirCash mobile applications, as well as sending money with the PostCash mobile application. In addition, Croatian Post, as a leader in the digitization of services in our country, has established a Central Platform for managing access points of public law bodies of the Republic of Croatia, through which public law bodies can easily establish a secure and interoperable channel for the mutual transfer of documents and data over a public or private network.
In accordance with the growth trends of online shopping and the parcel market, Croatian Post has developed and offered on the market the logistics service of parcel lockers for picking up and sending parcels and fast delivery service - Paket24. The network of parcel lockers is available to users all over the country in easily accessible and frequent locations, including some islands.
In order to continue developing its competitiveness on the market, Croatian Post is rapidly diversifying its own operations by developing logistics and digital competencies, financial services, retail, e-commerce, and logistics and digital services in order to be and remain the first choice of users.

  • What is our business?
  • The range of various services provided by Croatian Post is constantly widened by new, innovative services.
  • Core business
  • Croatian Post covers over 80% of the postal services market. High-quality and advanced core business operations are our priorities.
  • Logistics
  • By investing in the development and expansion of its logistics capacities, Croatian Post has become one of the leading logistics companies in the country.