Žuti klik

Žuti klik

A different place to shop!


A new Croatian Post web shop – Žuti klik

If you are looking for a convenient and safe place to shop online that also offers a diverse range of products at attractive prices, visit our new web shop Yellow Click. However, the Yellow Click is not limited to online ordering.

Multichannel sales

It may be easier for you to order your selected products:

  • by calling our customer service at 072 07 07 07, or
  • at a post office. You will find a Yellow Click catalog here if you have not yet received it at your home address.

Free delivery of ordered products

Regardless of the value of your order, we will deliver the products you order free of charge:

  • to your home address, or
  • to a selected post office.

This free delivery benefit for each order applies until 31 August 2018. Don’t miss this chance!

Different payment options

Choose a payment option that works for you:

  • in cash at delivery;
  • using a credit card (on a one-time basis or in up to 12 installments);
  • through PayPal;
  • based on a preliminary invoice.

Simple, quick, safe and affordable – that’s what Croatian Post’s Yellow Click is all about!

Click and check it out!  www.zutiklik.hr