Foundation "Vasa Posta"

We are creating a better and more humane world for children without parental care.

Today, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the operations of every company looking to survive and thrive in a globalized market, but also to be recognized as a successful and long-term sustainable organization. In this sense, social responsibility is a powerful tool in brand building, perhaps even the most valuable asset of any company in today's economy. One of the most recognizable examples of Croatian Post's social responsibility is the "Vasa posta" Foundation. With its mission of promoting corporate social responsibility as a contribution to creating a better and more humane world for children without adequate parental care, the "Vasa posta" Foundation is based on a CSR platform in line with UN's Sustainable Development Goals and operates nationally to care for wards from 20 orphanages in Croatia. From all the segments of society, it finds numerous donors with acute sensibility for this issue and who voluntarily participate in care for disadvantaged children through payments to provide for early independent life of wards after they reach adulthood and leave the state care system. In addition, the work of the "Vasa posta" Foundation is financed by the annual payment of the Croatian Post trustees, and all participants in this humanitarian project, which also includes the partner Croatia osiguranje, do their work pro bono precisely through the CSR category.
We should also add that the humanitarian work of the "Vasa posta" Foundation is the only such project in the Republic of Croatia that provides specific assistance to the protégés of children's homes when starting an independent life. A life insurance policy is taken out for each child in the same amount (6,000 euros in HRK equivalent) and is paid to the ward after leaving the children's home, in annuity installments, for the next two years. This ensures that the costs of housing and utilities are covered until the young person finds a job and becomes independent.
The main idea of the "Vasa posta" Foundation is to give a chance to young people to start life safely, without having to worry about the bare essentials in the first days of independence. That is why birds in flight are a trademark of the "Vasa posta" Foundation, which has committed itself to give chances and equal opportunities to those who have been deprived of them, to give them "wings" to start a better life in the adult world. To date, it has provided for close to 500 children with its policies.

For more information, please go to Your Post Foundation web site.

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  • We operate in all parts of Croatia - that is why we believe contributing to the community is of major importance.
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  • Gender equality is a matter of the overall progress of society