What payment methods does Žuti klik offer?
You can pay for the products you ordered in following ways:
1 WITH CASH ON DELIVERY (you pay by cash or digitally, via the KEKS Pay app, to the delivery person upon delivery without commission on payment)
2 BY TRANSFER: paying by invoice (after the order is completed, you will receive an e-mail with payment information. Once the payment is received, we will send the products you ordered without any additional fees).
     - Diners, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro - single payment
     - Premium Visa Credit Card - up to 12 installments
     - Visa and Maestro cards issued by Privredna banka Zagreb - up to 12 installments
     - Diners credit card - up to 12 installments

Where can I have the orders I placed on Žuti klik delivered?
Products you ordered can be delivered:
1 to your home address
2 to the post office (if the packages weigh <20 kg)
3 via a parcel locker.

I ordered the product from www.zutiklik.hr, but I have not received an order confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
Contact the Žuti klik support via one of the following channels:
e-mail: info@zutiklik.hr, phone: +385 72 07 07 07 / +385 1 467 62 62, chat, Facebook and Instagram profiles

If I am not satisfied with the goods purchased on Žuti klik, can I return them without paying the postal charge?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, you can return it (in the original packaging) up to 14 days after the day the goods were received. Žuti klik undertakes to replace the product or refund the money. The return cost is borne by the Croatian Post.

What Žuti klik articles can I collect from a parcel locker?
All articles which can be delivered via parcel lockers are marked with a small parcel locker icon.

What is the procedure during online shopping?
Step 1 – fill the cart
Choose your product and the desired amount and confirm by clicking "Dodaj u košaricu" ("Add to cart"). If you wish to continue searching the products and adding new ones to the cart, select "Povratak na proizvode" ("Continue shopping"). If you are finished, select "Na blagajnu" ("Payment"). This step requires you to provide the contact information needed for order confirmation and delivery.
If you are a guest purchaser, fill in all required fields, and if you are a registered user, type your password. By clicking "Nastavi" ("Continue"), you confirm the accuracy of the data entered.

Step 2 – delivery address
Choose the delivery address previously entered upon registration or enter a new one. If you wish to pick up your goods at the post office, select "Osobno preuzimanje" ("Personal pick-up") and choose one of the post offices from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – delivery type
The products are delivered by the delivery service Paket24 of the Croatian post. The next step is payment method.

Step 4 – payment method
This step provides additional information about the delivery and you can choose your payment method. You can choose:
  • cash on delivery "by cash or digitally – via the KEKS Pay app" during the delivery at the chosen address when you get to see the goods
  • payment made according to the price estimate
  • different credit cards.

Can I buy a sheet of stamps or do I have to buy stamps individually?
You can buy a sheet of stamps if you mark the "I want a sheet" notification. Once you decide to buy a sheet of stamps, you need to buy all stamps in the sheet.

How can I buy both the stamped and the unstamped version of the same stamp?
Select the desired stamp on the ePostshop website, click on the name of the stamp and then select "Add to cart". To get a stamped stamp, click "I want a stamped stamp" and then select "Add to cart". You will have two identical products in your cart, but one of them will have a note, saying "I want a stamped stamp".

Can I return a product I bought on ePostshop websites?
You can return the product you purchased no later than 14 days after you received it, and Croatian Post undertakes to replace the product in question or refund the money. Postal charges incurred during the delivery of the purchased product are your direct expense and cannot be refunded. If you file a complaint about the product you purchased, the second delivery will be free of charge.

What is the My post (Moja pošta) Loyalty Program and how can I become a part of it?
My Post is a loyalty program which rewards the performance of retail, postal and financial services in all post offices of the Croatian Post. You can become a member of the My Post Loyalty Program by filling out and signing an application form in a post office or with the help of your postman.