Gifts for buyers of philatelic products

Between 24 November 2014 and 15 January 2015 for the acquisition of philatelic products such as annual sets, commemorative albums, FDC-s, maximum cards, souvenir cards, postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia with the HPT mark, Croatian Post will donate philatelic products to the buyers, depending on the acquisition amount. 

Lower prices of parcels destined outside EU

From 1 November Croatian Post has offered to its users significantly cheaper prices for sending parcels in international service. New prices concern parcels weighting more than 10 kg sent to countries outside EU. For all EU countries Croatian Post - let us remind - introduced in February this year cheaper prices for sending parcels.

New “Infrared” Postage Stamps from the Series Minerals and Rocks

Metamorphic rock from Zagreb and a mineral form Vis
A metamorphic rock from the vicinity of Zagreb and a mineral from Vis are depicted on the commemorative two-stamp souvenir sheet which Croatian Post put into circulation on 24 October. The particularity of the sheet is that the stamps are printed in infrared technique which enables the appearance of “image in image”. On the stamp Green Schist, Medvednica in the background under infrared light the Chapel of St. Mary of Sljeme, the Queen of Croats and on the stamp Prehnite, the Island of Vis a part of coastline on the island of Vis can be seen.

Croatian Heritage on Postage stamps

Croatia is a country of rich cultural heritage and an important part of this treasure are national costumes. Aware of their value, in 2008 Croatian Post initiated a series of postage stamps entitled Croatian Ethnographic Heritage with the motifs of national costumes. Croatian Post will put into circulation new definitive postage stamps from this series on 20 October.

Croatian Post Day

Thank you for your confidence in us – more than 80% of users trust the employees of Croatian Post. 

Since ancient times the post has been and has remained until today a foundation of communication. Apart from postal and financial services Croatian Post has placed in the market also new and modern services such as digital television evotv and ePost service. By modernisation of existing and introduction of new services the goal of Croatian Post is to remain an intermediary in communication which enjoys the confidence of Croatian citizens and to be a trustful partner and the leader in Croatian postal services market.

Steam Locomotives on Postage Stamps

Reminder of the 126 years of steam towing in Croatia

Period of steam towing in Croatia lasted for 126 years and began in 1860 when through Croatian area, the railway traffic between Kotoriba and Čakovec was introduced.  To two steam locomotives which were in use on Croatian railway tracks Croatian Post has dedicated two stamps which will be put into circulation on 1 October.

Treasury of artistic and historical heritage

950th Anniversary of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas in Trogir

The Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas in Trogir is  a real treasury of artistic and historical heritage. To the continuity and tradition of this monastic order lasting for almost a whole millennium in the form of this oldest women’s Benedictine monastery on Croatian land, Croatian Post will dedicate a postage stamp which will be in circulation from 30 September.

Postage stamp dedicated to the oldest legal code

800th Anniversary of the Statute of the Town and Island of Korčula

Inhabited more than thousand years ago Korčula is an island of rich history and wonderful nature. Certainly indispensable is the cultural meaning of this island - let us mention just Marco Polo - one of the best known world's explorers or the knights' tournament  Moreška. It is also essential to mention the Statute of the Town and Island of Korčula, the legal code which this year celebrates its 800th anniversary. On this occasion Croatian Post will put into circulation a commemorative postage stamp on 26 September.

Centuries depicted on postage stamps

The portal of the Split Cathedral and the town of Prelog

To count all centuries of traditions on Croatian postage stamps would surely not be an easy task, moreover because on 23 September Croatian Post will put into circulation issues dedicated to two several centuries old anniversaries. The souvenir sheet will thus mark the 800th anniversary of the portal of the Split Cathedral, while a postage stamp will mark the 750th anniversary of the town of Prelog.

ePost shop

Postage Stamps in Digital Environment

Croatian Post has introduced new way of sale – online ePost shop, at: Simple, articulate and recognisable design enables users to undertake simple search in Croatian and English language among many postage stamps and philatelic products, retail assortment and evotv service accessories. One of major advantages is a facility of purchasing postage stamps and other philatelic products by international users, who have long ago recognised our postage stamps making them highly appreciated and in demand products throughout the world.  ePost shop can also be accessed from: