Business users

 Croatian Post offers to its business users a variety of services and conveniences that facilitate and improve their business.  Do you need to send larger amount of letters, parcels or direct marketing mail? If so, it is time you become a contracted user of Croatian Post and thus get better conditions for your company's business, which will save your time and money. Sales representatives of Croatian Post will help you to choose services that best answer to the needs of your business and instruct you on all advantages and benefits you can get.
In order to make our cooperation as successful as possible, we offer you the possibility to buy our services on hire-purchase, which is one of the most standardized ways of payment. Based on the realised turnover you are granted right to rebates on many services. We also enable you to use your own postage meter marks and depending on the paid amount of money you become entitled to pre-defined rebates.
Services offered by Croatian Post to business users:

E-book of receipts – is a simple and free of charge system for whose use you just need an Internet browser and Internet access. This is a system which makes possible to contracted users of Croatian Post to submit e-books of receipts with mail data in electronic form. With the help of intuitive user interface of your book of receipts the data about your mail items will be sent in just few steps to a particular post office and be there ready for the shipment.

e-PARCEL – Are you engaged in sales, Internet sale, TV or catalogue sale? Hpekspres has designed a special service for you: e-PARCEL. At minimal costs your products reach safely its buyers throughout Croatia since the delivery network of Croatian Post encompasses the entire country. The employees of Croatian Post will pick up your parcel at your address and deliver it to your buyers either at their home addresses or at chosen post office and also collect money for you on delivery.   
Business parcel – aware of your need for safe, practical and reliable distribution of goods and products to sellers or other legal persons anywhere in Croatia, hpekspres has designed a business parcel service. With this service hpekspres becomes a partner in your logistic chain and with its lower delivery prices and option of granting additional rebates to your company takes care that the distribution of your goods functions as you would wish.

Advertising in Post Office – can be inside or outside advertising or advertising in our internal newspaper “Your Post”. If you become our contracted partner, internal advertising makes it possible that your advertisement can be seen by 150 000 citizens of the Republic of Croatia who daily visit post offices of Croatian Post. Since our post offices are at most frequented locations in bigger cities as well as in smaller towns, outside advertising seems ideal for regional and advertisement campaigns.  An additional advantage is that post offices are often situated in those parts of towns where other types of advertising cannot be used.

Advertising in “Your Post” - the awarded publication of Croatian Post aimed at its employees and their families is the right move since “Your Post” is a favourite newspaper in more than ten thousand households in Croatia. “Your Post” has thus joined the most widely read magazines in the country and has become also a widespread advertising medium. Your advertisement can be published on the whole back cover of the newspaper and additional benefit is also a possibility of offering special discounts and sales offers for employees of Croatian Post – which also increases interest in your products and services and strengthens your user base.
Buying postage stamps – if you are a registered trade company or craft for retail trade in the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Post will offer you rebates on buying postage stamps and also valuables for one-time purchase of goods without signing an agreement. You also have the option of signing an agreement and getting rebates, on which occasion you also get better conditions.