Financial services

 You need to pay utilities bills or maybe send or receive money?  Or you just need to exchange money for another currency? Anyhow, you do not have enough time to do all these jobs, because you have to go to different locations. Do not worry – all these services can be accomplished in one place, in post offices of Croatian Post.
Due to coverage of the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia with network of post offices, Croatian Post is the biggest and best accessible provider of financial services in the country. Croatian Post, owing to contracts signed with many business entities, does not charge fee to customers for relevant payment services.   Apart from financial services, Croatian Post offers you also a possibility to contract an insurance policy in cooperation with Croatia Insurance Company.
Financial services offered:
- payment of bills
- sending/receiving money
- foreign currency exchange
- insurance
- payment of retirement pension to receivers' addresses.
For additional information please visit or contact Customer Service at: 072 303 304.