Before your send an item containing any goods abroad, inquire and check for any restrictions applicable to the content of postal items carried by air.

Croatian Post performs international air carriage of mail. 

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are objects or substances that may cause a risk to health, safety, property or the environment and are included in the list of dangerous goods in the Technical Instructions for Safe Air Carriage or are classified in accordance with the Technical Instructions.
May items we use on a daily basis are classified as dangerous:
  • aerosol;
  • nail polish remover;
  • perfumes;
  • alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 24 percent alcohol by volume;
  • chemicals;
  • electronic equipment; etc.
This is why they are subject to regulations concerning the air carriage of mail and are prohibited to be carried by air as mail.

 Mail carried by air must not contain products without a valid declaration (for example, homemade products). To be acceptable for air carriage, a product must bear a valid declaration and be factory-packaged. For substances of unknown composition, a safety datasheet must be presented for the product being sent.


Mail is carried by aircraft to all international destinations, save for:
  • Slovenia – all types of mail; and
  • Germany – parcels.
 Postal items destined for Slovenia and parcels destined for Germany are transported by land and are not subject to the restrictions applicable to the air carriage of dangerous goods. However, these postal items are not exempt from the prohibitions defined in the Postal Services Act and the Terms and Conditions of Accepting International Postal Items.
Postal items subject to customs inspections and foreign exchange controls (non-European Union Member States) must be submitted open so that the Croatian Post employee could view their content. The sender is responsible for the compliance of the content with the relevant regulations.
To avoid any undesirable consequences or inconvenience, please tell our employee exactly what your postal item contains when posting it.

 Air Carriage of Dangerous Goods - HP Leaflet (pdf)
List of dangerous goods
If you are not certain whether the content of your postal item is classified as dangerous, please call our Contact Center at 072 303 304 or send a query to .