At the service of citizens

The Post – the national counter

In its business practice, Croatian Post has always pursued the goal of being at the service of citizens, not only by developing its core business but also by providing services pertaining to state institutions.

New times call for new services. In accordance with the Post2022 Development Strategy, Croatian Post has been expanding the range of services provided to citizens in post offices. On a daily basis, around 150,000 users take advantage of a plethora of diverse services on offer in all of our 1,016 post offices.
In addition to posting and collecting post, our users can now take advantage of different financial, insurance and retail services in our post offices. By introducing the possibility of submitting requests and applications addressed to other institutions, Croatian Post fulfils its mission – being at the service of citizens.
Partnering and co-operating with an ever-growing number of state and public institutions, Croatian Post aims to increase the quality and availability of services. Many non-postal services are now becoming more “postal”. The delivery of driver’s licences that have been requested through the e-Citizens system and the submission of requests and documents addressed to the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute are only some of the services that Croatian Post provides. In this way, Croatian Post’s post offices become the centre of providing state services to citizens.