Code of conduct and corporate governance

 Among the main features of any modern company are clearly regulated rules of professionalism and ethics. Therefore, the Croatian Post has adopted the Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Corporate Governance in its daily efforts to be even better, more professional and modern.



  • Who we are and what we do?
  • Croatian Post's devotion and role in society has not changed over the years. We have always been at the service of citizens by delivering their messages and parcels and ensuring that they can use a wide range of services wherever they are.
  • History
  • A hundred-year-long history of postal activities
  • Organisational structure
  • For more efficient operations and further development, Croatian Post has introduced an organizational division into divisions and regions.
  • Investors
  • The corporate world is all about learning the accurate information as soon as possible.
  • Information catalogue
  • In the Croatian Post’s Information Catalogue there is information about anti-corruption plans and activities of Croatian Post, invitations to attend General Shareholders Meeting and adopted decisions, as well as data about the mail item delivery quality assessment.
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Svatko voli priznanje za svoj rad. No kada priznanje dobije tvrtka, ono je pokazatelj pravog smjera i ispravnog puta prema izvrsnosti. 
  • Professional associations
  • Croatian Post is a member of three professional associations – PostEurop, Universal Postal Union and International Post Corporation.