In case you are not satisfied with a service provided to you, you may submit a complaint to Croatian Post.


A customer may submit a complaint relating to:

  • loss of a postal item
  • failure to meet the time limit for the transfer and delivery of a postal item, only for local services;
  • failure to perform  or fully perform a postal service;
  • damage to or deterioration of a postal item;
  • being overcharged for a postal service; or
  • any other matter

in writing within three months of receiving a local postal item or within six months of receiving an international postal item. A complaint regarding damage to or deterioration of a postal item should be made immediately upon delivery of the shipment.

You may submit any complaint you may have regarding any Croatian Post’s services by calling the Croatian Post Contact Center at 072 303 304, by messaging it or You may also send your complaint at any post office as a letter indicating “Complaint” on the envelope, without paying postage, to: Croatian Post, Customer Service, Poštanska ulica 9, 10410 Velika Gorica.

You may submit any complaint you may have regarding any products purchased within the warranty period at the office where you purchased the product, subject to presenting the product in question, the invoice and the warranty sheet.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may contact within 30 days of receiving the response the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries with an application for amicable resolution of the dispute. In addition, Croatian Post operates its Consumer Protection Committee in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, which you may contact for the purpose of protecting your interests.

Information concerning item statuses obtained from the T&T system (Item Status Check) is purely indicative and may not be used by the sender as evidence warranting rights under the admission contract. To be eligible to claim compensation, you should submit your complaint and an appropriate claim procedure will be initiated.