New Dimension of Post
You want to receive and send letters, messages, and documents in electronic form, pay bills with credit cards and organise your mail in any moment wherever you might be and thus save time and money? Register to the ePost service and you will be able to make all that in one place.
In your eBox your will receive bills and other documents from issuers you choose from our partner database, the service being completely free of charge for you.  
What does ePost service offer?
  • Receiving documents in eBox
  • Payment of ALL bills by credit and debit cards of all banks
  • Management of another user’s  eBox
  • Exchange of messages and letters
  • Management of your own eBox
  • Receiving promotional material.
With ePost you get also mPost free of charge  
ePost service is accessible to all, as well as the mobile application mPost which is also free of charge for the users and which enables  the use of all ePost services with the additional option “Take a photograph of the order“ for even more simple payment of bills arriving to your home address. The application enables scanning of the 2D bar-code from the payment order or slip, i.e. all payment orders written on HUB (Croatian Banking Association) form can be scanned.

ePost and e-Citizens
Users of ePost service have a simple access to the e-Citizens project of the government of the Republic of Croatia.  By signing the request to use the ePost service, the users get user name and password to access both services. In the e-Citizens system you can ask for electronic documents from the Birth Registry or the Registry of Marriages, e-certificates of temporary and permanent addresses, certificates of ownership of vehicle, you can check the inscription in electoral register, find out the grades of your kid at school, check who is your selected physician, order European Health Insurance Card, ask for your electronic individual employment card, get informed about the expected amount of you pension money or children's allowance, register as potential employee, check payments of contributions into the second  pillar pension scheme, get  REGOS certificate, check your VAT accounting card and your data in the Personal Identification Number System or manage your electronic identity.
Every day we agree cooperation with new document issuers and you can also propose issuers whose documents you would like to see in your eBox. Please send your proposal to ePost e-mail:
All additional information can be found at ePost web page: or obtained from the Customer Service at: 072 500 501.