Evolution of digital television


They say evotv is television available to everyone. There’s a reason why they say that!

Watch the most popular TV channels using your existing antenna and DVB-T2 signal. Arrange the channels you would like to watch (bundles) according to your preferences, at an affordable price. Once a month, you can change your bundles free of charge. To watch evotv, all you need is an evotv receiver or an evotv card (CA module). If you are going to the seaside or to your country house, bring your evotv with you. Because fun never stops with evotv!

Receive the current evotv service range:
  • at www.evotv.hr;
  • at 0800 07 07;
  • at your nearest post office; or
  • from your postman.
Select, turn on and watch – with evotv fun starts right away!