Examples of proper addressing

Examples of proper addressing

How to properly address a postal item?


Proper addressing accelerates transfer and provides for accuracy in delivering postal items. To allow us to provide you with a high-quality postal service, please keep these few addressing tips in mind. 

Order of data in postal items addressed to home addresses of addressees

(An example of proper addressing for local services)

FIRST LINE Addressee’s title, name and surname or organization name.
SECOND LINE Locality (village or hamlet) – if the name of the locality is the same as the name of the post office, the locality is not included in the address.
THIRD LINE Floor and door – only indicate if necessary.
FOURTH LINE Street and building – symbols next to the building number such as A, B, etc. should be directly next to the number, e.g. Ilica 10A. In case a space is left between number 10 and letter A, for example Ilica 10 A, the item will be forwarded for manual sorting. Locality, floor, door, etc. are not allowed in this line.
FIFFTH LINE Destination post office number and name (the digits in the number should be written without separating thousands, followed by a space and then the name of the destination post office which should normally be written in capital letters without abbreviating its name.).
For local postal services, it is not necessary to insert “CROATIA” below the post office.
For international postal services, the name of the country should be inserted below the last destination address particular.

The tables below provide examples of correctly and incorrectly written “home addresses”.

                                         The underlined part is incorrect.

Order of data in the address for postal items addressed to addressees who have obtained a post office box or a dedicated service


FIRST LINE Addressee (name and surname)
SECOND LINE Street and premises (they need not be inserted – however, if for a
Particular reason you wish to insert this part of the address, street and premises must be written above the PO box number)
THIRD LINE PO Box number
FOURTH LINE Destination post office number and name. The post office name should normally be written in capital letters, without abbreviating it.

The tables below provide examples of correctly and incorrectly written addresses for users of dedicated services and PO Boxes.

                                                    The underlined part is incorrect..