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It all began with - locomotive

It all began with - locomotive

Narrow-gauge steam locomotives on postage stamps
Zagreb, 27 September 2016 – It is difficult to imagine how the world would look today, had the steam locomotive not been invented. Steam locomotives have their merits for the fast industrial development, but also for better connections among people. Locomotives were connecting distant areas and countries and enabled us to move faster but also helped the development of mining, agriculture... Before their appearance, the stamps connected us.   Our far away leaving friends and relatives were eagerly awaiting letters from their dearest ones, who would - as soon as they would finish writing them - affix a postage stamp on them and send to the world emotions dissipated over paper. Locomotives had made it possible for us that besides sending letters, we could from time to time also leave and visit some distant region - either to join our far away living family or to find out about areas and countrysides that intrigue our imagination.  

Nowhere is this power of bringing together so apparent as on postage stamp with the LOCOMOTIVE as its motif.

In cooperation with HŽ (Croatian Railway) Infrastructure and Croatian Railway Museum Croatian Post will on 3. October put into circulation two commemorative postage stamps. The motifs of this postage stamp issue are a steam locomotive model no. 207 and a steam locomotive model JDŽ/HDŽ/JŽ 83-106 (SHS/BH Stb IVa5 1138).

These two commemorative postage stamps have been issued in a common 6-stamp sheetlet and Croatian Post has also issued a First Day Cover (FDC). The quantity of the commemorative issue is 100 000 stamps per motif and the nominal value of each commemorative stamp is 9.50 kuna. The authors of the issue LOCOMOTIVES – NARROW-GAUGE STEAM LOCOMOTIVES are masters of art from Samobor, Miran Šabić and Ana Sladetić. First Day Cancellation will be in use on 3 and 4 October at the Post Office 10101 Zagreb, Jurišićeva 13.

All commemorative postage stamp issues can be bought also in the web shop of Croatian Post at

We take this opportunity to thank HŽ Infrastructure and Croatian Railway Museum for cooperation and museum material lent for the realisation of this issue.

The text on the leaflet accompanying the issue LOCOMOTIVES – NARROW-GAUGE STEAM LOCOMOTIVES was written by Helena Bunijevac and can be read at following links: