Why can't I collect an item for which I received an item arrival notification that same day at the post office?
 As your item was directed to your nearest delivery post office, it will become available only starting from the next business day.

Can an item addressed to a business entity – a legal person (company: d.d., d.o.o., etc.) – be delivered without a stamp?
 Receipt of an item addressed to a business entity – a legal person (company: d.d., d.o.o., etc.) – and to natural persons performing a registered activity (craftsmen, sole traders, physicians, public notaries, etc.) is confirmed personally by the recipient or an authorized person with their signature and their seal or stamp imprint. Seal or stamp imprint is not required if the items are delivered to an authorized person or via the Digital Postman app. If the recipient or a person they authorized does not have a seal or a stamp, the item will be considered received if the recipient or authorized person has signed the appropriate delivery document. A Croatian Post employee shall write a “Does not have a seal” note next to the recipient's/authorized person's name.

I would like to send a gift with a telegram to the recipient. Do you offer such services?
 The postman can deliver a pension to a pensioner, their guardian or an authorized person. Otherwise, they will leave a pension order arrival notification with a note, stating where and until when can the pension order be paid out.

What is the parcel sending procedure via parcel lockers?
When using parcel lockers, first select the "Send parcel" option on the machine's screen. Then click on "Start sending". Using the scale on the machine, check the size of your parcel and choose the appropriate compartment size. Then select "Delivery method," followed by "Find your destination". Enter the recipient's name and surname and your mobile phone number. Once this is completed, enter the recipient's mobile phone number. The next step is "Check entered data," followed by "Payment" and a click on "Print invoices and receipts".
You can check the video instructions here.

Why was I charged for storage while collecting my item at the post office?
Storage is charged for all items weighing over 500 grams which are not collected within one day after the receipt of the item arrival notification. Storage charge for the items for which the customs post office has sent a summons for delivery of documents for the customs inspection starts 10 days after the date of the summons’ sending.

Why did I receive an item arrival notification?
If the postman left an item arrival notification in your private mailbox, this was done for the following reasons:
  1. a regular item could not be inserted into your private mailbox due to its size and/or form (small parcel – regular or regular tracked item)
  2. the item was damaged or repacked
  3. the sender requested a delivery to a post office
  4. a parcel was sent into a settlement where it cannot be delivered.