Optional Services for Letters

Optional Services for Letters

You can use our additional, optional services when sending mail abroad as well.


By using these optional services, you can additionally have your mail handled according to your requirements.

The following optional services are available for international registered mail items and valuable items, provided they are accepted by the destination country:
  • return receipt (confirmation of delivery);
  • cash on delivery;
  • personal delivery to the addressee; and
  • PLUS (priority)

Return receipt (delivery note)

If you need a written confirmation that the addressee has received the postal item you sent, request our “return receipt” optional service when posting your parcel.
By signing the return receipt, the addressee will confirm that he/she has received the item and the signed return receipt will be mailed back to you.

Cash on delivery

This is the easiest way to collect the relevant amount from a foreign addressee to whom you have, for example, sold a particular object you are mailing to them. When posting your mail, request our “cash on delivery” optional service. You should indicate the amount of cash to be paid in euros on the envelope and in the international cash-on-delivery order.

After your postal item is delivered abroad and the relevant amount is collected, your money will be delivered to you by an international postal order to your address.
Recipients of cash-on-delivery items in Croatia are required to pay an international order charge in addition to the indicated amount of cash payable on delivery.

Personal Delivery

An item sent with the “personal delivery” optional service may only be delivered to the addressee or his legal representative or authorized person. 

PLUS (Priority)

If you want your international postal item to be handled more expediently, request our PLUS optional service.