For business users hpekspres offers delivery of pallets.
The pallet weight can be up to 700 kg and the maximum dimensions are 1200 mm (width) x 800 mm (length) x 1500 mm (height). Delivery of pallets is done within two working days (D + 2). The user of this type of service is obliged, before choosing a service, to get acquainted with the schedule of the place of collection and delivery. The schedule is available at

Delivery of palletized shipments is possible in the following cities (I zone):
Bjelovar Dubrovnik Gospić Karlovac
Osijek Pula Rijeka Sisak
Slavonski Brod Split Šibenik Varaždin
Zadar Zagreb    

List of towns  with delivery of palletized shipments - I zone (pdf)

Pallets are delivered to the locations that are accessible by the Service Provider's vehicles for unloading of pallets.
Prior to selecting this service, the users of pallet deliveries are obligated to familiarise themselves with the collection and delivery locations, as well as collection and delivery zones. The schedules are accessible on our website at
As an exception, HP d.d. maintains the right to collect and deliver to locations not listed in the schedule depending on its technical and technological abilities.
Each shipment with a mass greater than 50 kg, shipment with the volume mass greater than 50 kg, shipment lesser than 50 kg the sender ships that must be shipped on a pallet that is an integral part of the shipment from the time it is received to the time it is delivered, and a shipment that is not on a pallet (such as household appliances and similar) but that requires mechanisation such as a forklift, is considered a pallet delivery.