This glossary of postal symbols gives a brief description and explanation of postal markings, labels and seals whish are found on letters, postal items and packages.

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SEPARATED PARCEL (LABEL) - a parcel for which the sender demands that it be treated with special attention when submitting it.

STOWAGE - the amount the recipient of a mail item must pay for the days the mail item was kept in the Post’s facilities
because the recipient did not come to accept the mail, although he or she was officially informed of its arrival.

SPOILT STAMPS - a name for poorly printed and unusable stamps and the remaining stamps out of circulation
which must be destroyed.

SMALL PACKAGE (PETIT PAQUET) - an addressed international incoming mail item up to 2 kg.

SUBJECT TO CUSTOMS INSPECTION (LABEL) - a white label marked with a circle designates mail items subject to customs inspection.