Did you know?

Safe purchase through advertisements and internet

Croatian Post has introduced new safety measure for delivery of mail for which the addressee needs to pay an amount which is due to the sender (COD mail items). This measure was introduced because of increased number of deceits while buying goods through advertisements or internet, as well as for the purpose of consumer protection.
For mail which is sent with supplementary service (COD), as it has been so far, the addressee shall confirm  the receipt of mail with his/her signature and pay the purchase amount and the postage to the employee of Croatian Post for transfer to the sender.  The novelty is that immediately upon receipt of mail at his/her address or at post office, the addressee can open the mail item in the presence of post employee to check whether it really contains the content which he/she had bought. If it is not the case, Croatian Post shall issue irregularity report at request of the addressee and the addressee shall immediately be entitled to refund of the paid purchase amount and postage for money transfer, while the mail item will be returned to the sender.
For all information on services of Croatian Post the users can call Customer Service of Croatian Post at: 072 303 304 or send an e-mail to: info@posta.hr.
We also advise our clients to immediately report deceits or intentions of deceits to police.