Customer Service

Customer service

Tel: 072 303 304

Fax: 01 6626 889


Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 - 21
Saturday: 8 - 16

By calling  072 303 304 you can get all information about services offered by Croatian Post, prices, opening hours of post offices, products and find out everything you want to know about activities performed by Croatian Post. You can call the same number and make your proposals and point to eventual problems. The price of the call and the call accounting unit is the one which the user's telecommunication operator applies to calls made to fixed telephone numbers.  You can also contact Croatian Post Customer Service at fax 01 6626889 or to e-mail: Customer Centre is at your disposal every working day  from 8.00 to 21.00, and saturday from 8.00  to 16.00