You would like to receive and send letters, messages and documents in electronic form, pay bills with credit cards, organise your mail at any time wherever you might be and thus save time and money? Register for the
ePost service and you will be able to do all that in one place.
In your electronic mail box (eBox) you will receive bills and other documents from issuers which you have chosen from our partners database and this service ís for you free of charge.
What does ePost offer to you?
  • Receipt of documents in eBox
  • Payment of ALL bills with credit or debit cards from all banks
  • Managing  another user's eBox
  • Exchange of messages or letters (sending an e-letter is charged according to the valid price list)
  • Managing you own eBox
  • Receipt of promotional material.
Daily we agree cooperation with new document issuers and you can also propose an issuer whose documents you would like to receive in your eBox. Please send your proposal to:
For all further information please visit or call Customer Service at: 072 500 501.