Now you can send a postcard from your smartphone by using a mobile application epostcard.
epostcard is a new service of Croatian Post which you can download free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store  and which makes is possible for you to create  a fully personalized postcard.

In which way? Very simple!

You insert into the application a photograph or a drawing, text message and name and address of the person you want to send a postcard to. You can pay for the service by SMS message or credit or debit card. A postman will then take a printed postcard to the address indicated.  

With this new service we wanted to revitalize a postcard which from now on you can send in just few clicks and the postman will deliver it in physical form to the mailbox of your indicated receiver.
Simple use, affordable price and - most important -  a lasting memory– make this service appealing for all generations.  
Record important moments with your mobile phone, transform them into a postcard and surprise your most beloved ones!
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