Private users

Croatian Post offers to its users a range of services and products. In our post offices you can contract:
evotv – first pay-TV service which you can take with you wherever you go. Since it is not dependent on telephone line or Internet access, the device can be taken to other location, connected to the TV-set and one can watch the program.
ORYX Assistant – Insure your vehicle in case of accident by contracting Help on the Road and Help at home service packages. 
ePošta – This service enables you to receive all documents in your eBox, pay all your bills with payment cards or by forwarding payment orders to internet banking and exchange messages and letters.
Card business – if you want to take advantage of the Diners Club card you can submit your request for the Diners Club card at post offices.
HPB Housing Savings – At post offices you can get information and advices on housing savings and Croatian Post will also help you to formalise the contract. You can also – free of charge – make payments by money order per your contracts on housing savings and housing loans.
Investment funds – At post offices you can buy and sell shares in HPB Invest Ltd. Fund - a company for investment fund management. The payment to the fund need not to be high and can be paid at your convenience.
Our rich retail offer ensures everybody can find something at his/her liking.  In our post offices available is a rich assortment of toys, gifts, greetings cards, postcards, books, manuals and DVD-s, as well as technical goods (mobiles, tablets, home phones…).
There is also a rich offer of school stationary for your children and office stationary and material for you; you can also try one of games of chance which we offer.
Maybe you need a stamping device for your company or craft, a name plate or a house number?  All this can be ordered at the post office closest to you and picked up within three to five days.
By using the Poštafoto service you can get in a simple way fast developed photographs which can be bound into a photo book or photo calendar. At your disposal is also our assortment of gifts which can be turned into personalised photo gifts.