What are the total costs (customs and postal charges) of importing goods as part of mail to Croatia?
 Goods imported to Croatia as part of mail are subject to payment of customs debt (customs duty, VAT, and special excise tax, if applicable) in accordance with the Customs Act and the Value Added Tax Act. Further information on customs rates and how value subject to customs is determined (customs duty base) is available on the website of the Customs Administration  or by sending an e-mail to: odjel_za_odnose_s_javnoscu@carina.hr
In addition to customs charges, postal charges are also payable for imported mail subject to payment of customs debt (“CUSTOMS CLEARANCE”):
1.    Submission of the postal item for customs inspection:
  • items weighing up to 2 kg – HRK 37.50;
  • items weighing 2 kg to 5 kg – HRK 50.00; and
  • items weighing 5 kg to 30 kg – HRK 62.50.
2.    Expedited submission of mail for customs inspection at customer’s request:
  • items weighing 0 to 30 kg – HRK 75.00.
3.    In addition to the customs inspection service, a storage charge, if any, must also be paid:
  • HRK 3.00 per day; the storage period begins 4 days after the request to provide evidence to the customs office is dispatched.
4.    The postage for dispatching such request to provide evidence to the customs office by which the addressee demonstrates the value of the goods is HRK 19.50, but only if the request is made to the addressee*.
5.    Charge for the customs debt payment form (HUB)
  • 0.83% of the amount paid – a minimum of HRK 5.00 and a maximum of HRK 80.00.
*The storage charge and postage, if any, payable for delivering a request to provide evidence of value made to the addressee will also be payable in case the postal item is exempt from customs duty and/or VAT.
The prices are inclusive of VAT.

I would like to send an item to Germany. Is such mail subject to customs control?
 After the Republic of Croatia became a full member of the European Union on 1 July 2013, the territory of Croatia became part of the Union’s single customs area and Croatia has as of such date been released from its obligation to conduct customs control for mail going to and coming from EU Member States. However, although this is a common market without any borders, there are still certain restrictions applicable to the sending and receiving of certain quantities and types of goods within the European Union, such as alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products, perfumes, weapons, etc. If such goods are to be sent, the sender and addressee should obtain information about the terms of conditional sending of these products and other similar products as part of mail within the European Union market. Certain requirements also apply to and should be met for sending cultural goods.
Mail carried to and from non-European Union Member States continues to be subject to customs control.
I received mail from Australia today and was overcharged for the customs duty and VAT. How and where can I submit a complaint?
 The value of the goods for customs purposes and the amount of the customs debt (customs duty and VAT) for imported goods are determined by the customs office attached to the Customs Post Office based on the accompanying original invoice, or by comparing to catalog prices, estimating it or subjecting it to expert analysis in case no invoice is available. If the recipient does not agree to the customs debt amount (customs duty and VAT) so determined, he may refuse to accept the postal item and  request for such item to be returned unopened to the customs office for re-clearance. The recipient must contact the customs office or appear at the Customs Post Office through which the item was imported to Croatia and bring all documents relating to the postal item.
I received mail from Australia today, but did not receive an invoice for the costs charged.
 Where an international postal item subject to customs duty is delivered to the addressee in a post office, an invoice for the amount paid must be issued. The addressee will receive the customs duty (VAT) invoice attached to the postal item.
Croatian Post’s invoice for handling charges includes the following items:
  • the price of having the item submitted for customs inspection (HRK 30.00, 40.00  or 50.000, exclusive of VAT; depending on the weight of the item);
  • the price of dispatching the request to provide evidence to the customs office (HRK 19.50);   
  • a storage charge of HRK 3.00 per day (if any); and
  • the HUB form (HRK 5.00 min , max HRK 80.00).
If the addressee does not receive an invoice for such costs at his home address, he may submit a request to redeliver the invoice with the Customer Service Division.
Where are postal items cleared?
 Postal items are cleared for customs purposes at the Zagreb Area Customs Office, RGP Post Department, Branimirova 4, Zagreb. Information about the customs clearance procedure in connection with postal items is available at posta.carinjenja@carina.hr or 01/6511-687.