The development and quality of Croatian Post’s core business is an ongoing priority.


If you need to send your customers letters, invoices, notices, contracts, etc., contact Croatian Post with trust. All letter-related services are ready for you in one place!

The best value for money you can find in the Croatian postal service market is an additional reason why you should put your trust in Croatian Post when it comes to sending letters. In addition to letters and priority letters, Croatian Post offers you the option of sending registered mail and valuable items, as well as administrative documents. If you already are a corporate or contractual customer of Croatian Post, you will receive additional benefits.

Please contact our corporate sales representatives who will inform you of the benefits and quality of Croatian Post’s services to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of your customers!


Croatian Post 
Croatian Post Sales Division

Tel.: 385 (0)1 4981 047
Fax: 385 (0)1 4981 239
E-mail: prodaja@posta.hr


Područje  i osoba Telefon E-pošta
Grad Zagreb, Krapinsko-zagorska županija
SNJEŽANA PAVLOVIĆ Tel.: 01 4981 794
Mob.: 099 8068433
Faks: 01 4981 594
(Čakovec, Varaždin, Bjelovar, Sisak, Karlovac, Koprivnica)
OLIVER KORADE Tel.: 01 4981 594
Mob.: 098 8187168
Faks: 01 4981 594
(Split, Dubrovnik)  
IVAN AKRAP Tel.: 021 342 503
Mob.: 098 225 943
Faks: 021 342 606
(Zadar, Šibenik, Gospić)    
VESNA BAČELIĆ Tel.: 022 342 216
Mob.: 099 2195 157
Faks: 022 342 204
(Osijek, Vukovar, Virovitica, Slavonski Brod)  
MIRJANA MILAS Tel.: 098 476 294
Mob.: 098 476 294
Faks: 031 253 616
(Rijeka, Pula)    
ŽELJKO ANTUNOVIĆ Tel.: 051 525 974 zeljko.antunovic@posta.hr